Monday, May 16, 2011

35 Weeks and New Patio

Things have been a whirlwind at our house lately! Bert finished all of his Ph.D. coursework (!) May 13, and he did not waste a moment since then. In fact, I have told him to slow down. Good thing he has a massage coming up Thursday. I am lucky to be married to such a hard worker. Below are some pictures from what we've been up to...

This is me Saturday, at 35 weeks pregnant! Notice the beautiful landscaping compliments of Bert.

For Mother's Day, I said I wanted a nice place for our family to be outside. Before, there were just two plastic chairs sitting on this patio, along with our grill. Now - beautiful plants, a cleaned and covered grill and a gorgeous patio set! I love it so much.

Here is another view of the patio. We have started a Sunday morning tradition of making a yummy breakfast together - strawberry pancakes, turkey bacon and eggs. This weekend, we took our tradition outside and enjoyed breakfast on the patio. I loved every moment of it.

Besides the yard, Bert has also been hard at work in the nursery! He is definitely over halfway done. The last big project is painting the changing table my aunt gave us. After that, we'll wash our son's clothes and finish decorating the room. So, there's some little stuff left, but we are getting there!

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