Tuesday, February 28, 2012

As Of Late...

I'm weird about blogging now. I still check blogs, but with Van, I just feel like it's an invasion of his privacy to put too much out there. And people scare me. So I just hover.

But then, MSKS posted this meme. I love memes. And I love her blog. So here you go...

My current state of affairs

Current guilty pleasure: "The Bachelor" (Team Lindzi!), Facebook and Twitter. I really need social media detox. Bert would wholeheartedly agree.

Current nail polish: Clear gloss on my fingers, OPI Lincoln Park After Dark on my toes. I had the most wonderful mani/pedi at the Westin Spa last weekend in Hilton Head. If you go, you must see Dee Dee!

Current play list: Not a whole lot of excitement here...I mainly play music I think Van would like. On repeat: Guster, Barenaked Ladies, Rod Stewart ("Forever Young" - that's our song). Confession: I do not like Adele, Bon Iver or any of those other "cool" singers right now. Bor-ing!

Current read: No time for books with Van, and when there's time, see "Current guilty pleasure" above. I snuck in an "Us Weekly" last night and it was fabulously trashy. The last books I read were "The Hunger Games" trilogy and they were amazing. I'm open to suggestions! I don't like beachy or too dark -- somewhere in between would be great.

Current drink: My big ol' purple container full of water. I indulge in a Diet Dr. Pepper too often.

Current food: I just ate a Kashi meal and it was delicious - Black Bean Enchilada in case you're wondering. The last meal I cooked was Sunday: homemade spinach quiche (crustless) with skillet potatoes and it was delicious. Bert made me an amazing sandwich Saturday, which is the best thing I've eaten in a long time...super thin grilled chicken with wilted spinach, sundried tomatoes and feta on ciabatta - with homemade rosemary potato fries.

Current favorite show: Obsessed with "Once Upon A Time"! Love that show. I'm also still watching "Grey's Anatomy" and I can't stand Teddy or Cristina.

Current wish list: To lose the last 13 pregnancy pounds. On the upside, I have lost 13 already and am feeling much better. Thanks, Weight Watchers!

Current needs: To continue to grow in being more grateful for my many blessings. I need to stop sweating the little things (like the cat litter on the dining room floor this morning that sent me into a tear and made me snap at someone that called me A-niss-a).

Current triumphs: Losing 13 pounds and buying a pair of pants in a "good" size this weekend.

Current indulgence: Diet Dr. Pepper, coffee (I'm a newbie!) and Skinny Cow ice cream cones. And the fun size Butterfinger I just ate.

Current blessing: I read recently...What if you woke up one day with only the things you thanked God for the day before? That really struck a chord with me. I thank Him now daily with a very specific list, including: Van and his health, our health, my marriage, my job, our home, friends, family, etc. etc. I try to take stock and give God all the glory and praise.

Current excitement: I wish I could say that Courtney had been dumped by Ben. But, alas, I cannot. I suppose my current excitement is girls night Friday with two fantastic ladies. And, hey, I'm excited that tonight it's still Februany and we're gonna get $5 footlongs, so I don't even have to wonder what I'm going to have for lunch tomorrow. Score!

I missed you peeps.


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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Our Little Van

Here he is in my most favorite picture of him. Isn't he adorable? Van is now 4 months old...chatting up a storm, laughing, smiling, playing with toys. He is in the 90th percentile for height and has a tiny mustache. Love every day with him.


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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


We are just wild about our little man! Enjoy the cuteness below.


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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Van is Here!

On June 10, Bert and I welcomed an absolute blessing into our lives! At 5:03 p.m., Sullivan "Van" Zahir arrived into this world at 7 lbs. 3 oz. and 20.5 inches long. Sullivan is my maiden name, and Zahir is my late grandfather's name.

These first ten days have been wonderful, exhausting, joyous and incredible. I fall in love with my son each time I look at him. I still can't believe he's mine. My mom stayed with us last week, and my grandmother is here now.

How we love him so!

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Tuesday, June 07, 2011


The nursery is now just about complete! We have letters to hang on one of the walls that we're waiting to hang. We can't have our friends stopping by this week find out the name early, now can we? :)

Bert made all of this happen. I think it's his dream room. I love it. He wanted a sports room, and I said vintage sports. And off we went!

See below for photos...

Pottery Barn Kids bedding. I am going back-and-forth if we should put the bumper on. Above the crib are real vintage New York Yankees pennants.

Above the futon (where I'm sure I'll be spending several nights!) are vintage-inspired football prints from both of my alma maters, and soon to be both of Bert's as well.

Navy refinished changing table. A red rug and curtains accent the room.

Mini-baseball bat autographed by Bert's favorite baseball player of all time - Don Mattingly. You may recall our cat is named Mattingly (we call him Matty). :)

Bookcase with new baseball knobs and all kinds of goodies.

One of the shelves with different balls.

Here's to hoping our son likes sports! If not, I suppose Bert will have to move these items to his future man room one day.

I like that the room isn't too babyish...it's very soothing and calm, but most of the items can be transitioned easily into a toddler and little boy room. And many of the items are keepsakes that I think our son will want forever.

Can't wait to meet him!


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Monday, June 06, 2011

38 Weeks

Holy moly! I definitely look different at 38 weeks than at 35 weeks! Bert snapped this photo of me on our patio before we went out to a nice dinner...we figure it'll be a while before one of those again! We've also been going to lots of movies...X-Men (my fave of the summer so far), Thor (another good one), Hangover 2 (hate is a strong word, so I'll just say really disliked it) and Limitless (at the dollar movie theater - good movie).

I'm progressing right along. The midwives predict our son will be here in the next two weeks, before the due date (June 18). I'm hoping for sometime next week so I can get a few more things wrapped up, and so my parents can also wrap up a bit more at work.

Sleep is so painful. In fact, everything pretty much hurts now! But it'll all be worth it. So so worth it.


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