Thursday, March 27, 2008

Movies I Do Not Heart

I am very sensitive. I bruise easily, I get my feelings hurt at the drop of a hat and am a picky eater, etc. Well, last night I was completely and utterly traumatized.

I was about to go to bed when I noticed this '80's movie starring Andrew McCarthy that I had never seen. James Spader was in it, but it didn't look anything like "Pretty in Pink." I clicked the INFO button my my DirecTV remote and noticed that it was a movie called "Less Than Zero." Well, it was late, so I decided to Google it right quick to see if I should record a later showing.

Big mistake.

The movie is based on a Bret Easton Ellis novel, although it doesn't have much in common with the book. Well, I read some very vivid descriptions of the book on Wikipedia, thinking it was the movie, and I really almost vomited. Unless you want to read vivid accounts of child rape and the such, DO NOT SEARCH FOR THIS MOVIE.

I feel sick thinking about it again.

I had trouble sleeping and had nightmares all night. I laid there and thought about how I was the same way when I was little. Once, I got so scared at the violence in a "Nightmare on Elm Street" movie that I convinced my sister to be the vice-president in our pretend group "Ban Inappropriate Material from the Media" or BIMM. My dad still laughs about it today. Of course, I was a little kid and I didn't understand the importance of the First Amendment, etc., but this illustrates that my sensitivity goes far back. BIMM also had a pretend sister organization NINN, or "Nudity Is Not Necessary." This one started after something else that traumatized me that I saw on TV.

And no, we did not watch a bunch of trash when we were little. These occurred during chance incidents of channel surfing.

I'm not Conservative at all, but I am highly sensitive. Don't get me wrong - I am a big believer in the First Amendment. Janet Jackson's boob - what was the big deal? It's the depiction of extreme violence and abuse that seems obscene to me. I wish that we as a society would yell about that instead of a quick boob shot.

I need to go to my "happy place" now - a.k.a. thinking about the Disney movie "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." Once, when my sister and I were traumatized from seeing a movie - "The Vanishing" - my mom put that in for us. We were teenagers. And to this day, I have to think about it when I am traumatized from a movie.

Like right now.

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Monday, March 24, 2008

Bert's Birthday Weekend

It was Bert's birthday on Saturday and we had a fun weekend together! I hosted a Happy Hour for him on Friday evening and we spent a fun day together Saturday. That night, we went to one of our favorite places -- Dave and Buster's! Some pics are below...

Bert makes fun of the un-manliness of Petit Fours, but is not ashamed at his love for them. I ordered a bunch for the Happy Hour. Big success!

Fun times with good friends! See Bert's good friend Bobby in the background really inspecting all the tiny layers in a Petit Four.

At Dave and Buster's! We love this place.

Bert won tons of tokens and got me some fabulous Hello Kitty earrings.

I love you, Bert! I look forward to celebrating many more of life's special occasions with you!

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Monday, March 17, 2008

Ahoy Maties

We had a nice weekend, all starting with my day off from work on Friday. I cleaned and worked out, which was nice to be able to do and it not be a Saturday. It was so great that I kept thinking it was Saturday when it was that.

Saturday was relaxing and we saw "I Am Legend" at the dollar movie, which we both really enjoyed. It was a great, solid, entertaining movie. Highly recommend. I do not, however, recommend bringing your little ones to this movie. What is wrong with people these days? One mother even got mad at her 4 or so year old son for putting his fingers in his ears and humming during a really scary scene. Shame on her for bringing him!

My parents came Saturday afternoon. I convinced my mom to experience the wonder of the PedEgg, which Heather recommended and I really love. I mean, I got a little carried away and my heels hurt, but overall, it was awesome. So, we went to Bed Bath and Beyond, where there was a huge storm and we had to hang out and relax on patio furniture under a giant umbrella.

We went to dinner at me and Bert's favorite restaurant to celebrate his birthday (this coming Saturday) with my parents. I ordered my favorite - the filet - which was divine. As usual, best steak I've ever had. My dad is also a steak-lover and my mom and Bert ordered crab-stuffed tilapia. Sometimes I think about becoming a vegetarian, but my love of certain meats shall always prevent it. I don't like meat that much, but I would seriously eat this steak for dessert. It was divine.

My dad and Bert watched the MSU/UGA basketball game while my mom and I got our clothes ready for the family event Saturday. That took approximately 4-5 hours. You try getting a sari ready. Whew.

Sunday, we got up and got ready for the aquiqah - an event to celebrate a new birth and thank God for the new miracle in our lives. After the great luncheon, complete with tiny baby bottles filled with pastel M&Ms as favors, Bert and I headed to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods and filled a cooler with all kinds of yummies.

Unfortunately, my camera battery was dying on Saturday, so I got very few photos. Zakir looked ADORABLE, but I YET AGAIN got no photos of him. He is presh. However, I did get a few good shots:

Me and Bert, my hunk of man candy

Me, Mama and Daddy - they look gorgeous!

My precious cousin Sommer with her balloon that the crazy magician made for her. She told me all about WebKinz, her latest interest. We discussed WebKinz for at least 30.

I absolutely had to throw in this random photo. On the way to Atlanta, Bert and I spotted this vehicle with the skull and swords. We made fun of it and I repeatedly said, "Yarrgh!" When we pulled up to a red light, only then did we see that their license plate actually did say YARRGH.

Definitely one of the highlights of the weekend.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I Love Old Stuff

I'm tired.

Work and school have kept me super busy.  It's Spring Break here so I don't have class, but I have to work.  My boss is far away in LA for the week so I figured I could really knock out most of my 25-page paper due in two weeks.  *STRESS!*  Anyway, this week has been super busy even though most people are out of the office, so I have written all of three measly pages.  Oh well...I guess I am paid to work, which I have certainly done.  I am really hoping tomorrow and Thursday will slow down.  My parents are coming Friday, so I have taken the day off to clean, relax, etc.  And we all know what parents mean:  awesome dinner at the restaurant of their daughter's choice.  :)  I see a filet in my future.

Well, we had a great weekend...Bert and I went to the High Museum of Art in Atlanta to see the second exhibition from the Louvre, as well as the new Georgia O'Keeffe exhibit.  I love all things French and Georgia O'Keeffe's flower paintings, so I thought it was fabulous.  We saw a cup that was six thousand years old...mind-boggling.  There was really neat stuff, from Josephine's collection to several works from Egypt.  The French were obsessed with Egyptian stuff back in the day, so we saw some really amazing items - I am talking ancient hieroglyphics, etc.

And then, I fell in love.  With what, you might ask?  Trader Joe's.  It is the absolute coolest grocery store with all kinds of delicious specialty items that are actually very reasonably priced.  We are going back to the ATL this weekend for a celebration for my new baby cousin and Bert and I are taking a cooler so we can stock up on the fabulousness.

After arriving back home Sunday evening after our fun-filled day, Bert and I turned on the TV to watch an episode of our latest obsession, "Antiques Roadshow."  We have even entered the lottery and will hopefully be awarded tickets for this summer's show in Chattanooga! We have a painting and a pottery set that we want to take.  I think it would be so fun.  I hope the Boston guy is there because his accent trips me out.

And so, that is the randomness that is my life right now.  

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