Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Hate Snow

Things have been crazy. Insane really. It all took a turn on a seemingly innocent day - Sunday, March 1. In the Deep South, we see little snow...and when it does happen, it is usually just around an inch of the stuff. Not this year; out little corner of Georgia received a whopping 6.5 inches of snow!

This picture of me was taken in front of our house, back when the snow was fun. We were bundled up, enjoying how beautiful everything looked all covered in white.

Ah, still carefree. We're having a fabulous time and are about to trek to the cute little organic grocery store just a street over from our house. Aren't we so cute? All bundled and about to walk to the organic very cool of us.

Here is Bert, again back when things were fun and carefree. We decided to get food that would be fun to snack on in the snow, and we also expected the power would eventually go out too. Therefore, we wanted some sandwich stuff, etc.

Here is my car that greeted us when we got home. This is when I hate the snow. This picture doesn't even do justice to how bad it really was. That giant branch on the hood nearly landed on Bert, which was awful and scary. I was so worried it was totaled; luckily, it will be fixed in a week or so.

Oh, FUN! A tree hit our house (actually in two places) and knocked over our fence. FABULOUS. I hate snow.

THEN, our power went out for 24 hrs. We slept on a futon in the study since there were no huge tree limbs over this part of the house. Trees were snapping right and left...very scary. Cars were getting stuck, so we stayed home and weren't able to go to any friend's places. It was 51 degrees in the house the next morning and this is where we found Matty later that morning...snuggled up under the covers looking as cute as ever.

So there you have it. I hate snow. There is still damage on the house and trees need to be cut down. On the upside, I am so happy that my car will be fixed and the awful debris is gone. And of course, there is no sign of snow on the ground, thank goodness.

More craziness ensued, as somewhere in the middle of all this, I got dehydrated. I had an upset stomach a few days prior to the winter storm, and I guess that plus the craziness of the snow led me to become really sick. I had HORRIBLE body cramps. My entire body was literally cramping, so I went to the doctor. And then I was throwing up and some more fun stuff. I am probably 90% better, so that is good news as well.

Oh, and I got a fabulous new job somewhere in the middle of all this, so there was a definite silver lining!
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