Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Man Is 34

I have definitely been slacking on blogging! I have not been slacking at work, but I have been slacking at blogging, exercise and all those things that are oh-so-important! :)

Work is insane...I am sitting here waiting on a meeting to start that will last until 9pm. But, hey, I have a job - and I do enjoy it (all except for the ultra-long days!).

So what else is going on with me? Well, we celebrated Bert's 34th birthday March 22. We had friends over to watch March Madness during the weekend, and then on his actual birthday, we took a little day trip to Madison, GA - voted best small town in America. The town is SO CUTE. It was spared by Sherman's Army during the Civil War because of a Congressman from there that was on the side of the Union. So, the town is super cute and you can really imagine it way-back-when, but not in a cheesy way. We shopped, ate and spend the most wonderful day together. I swear I love that man more than I ever thought...and each year I love him that much more.

OK, you can all stop gagging now. :)

Seriously, though, life is good and I will try to do better. I miss the early days of blogging when I had time to WRITE and not just update. I'd like to get back to that. But, alas, I have a grown-up job, so I shall do the best I can.

One last thing - check out my friend Jennifer at JennySue Makeup. I love her makeup blog...lots of fun. Enjoy!

And breathe.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring Break '10

Funny to think back to Spring Break '00 and '01. Those were when I was an undergraduate, and I was excited about a week of sun, sand and a week long partay. Not so much anymore. I have had to work every day this week, but I do get off the next two days. Although, I have an all day event tomorrow for a leadership program so that stinks, but alas, I get a full day off. YAY!

My parents are coming to visit on Saturday and I am very excited. It's funny how the thought of a day at home and visiting with my parents is infinitely more appealing than a crazy week at the beach.

But alas, it is Spring Break and I am like a kid the day before a big holiday. Just 4 more hours until a mani/pedi with a dear friend, which will officially be the start of my mini-break. Here's to a wonderful long weekend!
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