Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Nasty Eggs 'n Rice

So, last night Bert made some Mahi, our favorite fish. Now, first of all, it took me a while to eat fish because I think it's a little gross. Last night, we decided we wanted some delicious vegetable fried rice to eat with it because we loved the Chinese food we had recently at P.F. Chang's. Don't even get me started on that place...

Anyway, I went to a random Chinese place and ordered some. I knew it would be delicious because that restaurant was so gorgeous on the inside - seriously, it looked like a Chinese palace. Anyway, they brought me my order and I headed home.

It had eggs in it. Ew. Gross. Vomit.

Eggs are another food I have an issue with.

Therefore, I ate a small piece of fish and then leftover enchiladas I made the night before. Thank goodness I had some "normal" food around.

Moral of the story: eggs are NOT vegetables. Do NOT put them in rice. Gross.

But on a side note, there were two fortunes in my cookie. Please tell me that means crazy amounts of good luck!
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Thursday, March 23, 2006

That Color Looks FABULOUS On You!

I'm quitting my job. Come Monday, you will find me as the cosmetics girl at the Lancome counter.

OK, so I'm not really being serious, but I have had a terrible day at work. I am a perfectionist and send out emails that go out to hundreds of people daily. I have made a typo or left an attachment off or put something incorrect on today. I have come across tons of mistakes. I am having a day when I feel I can do NOTHING right.

Every time I turn around, I see another typo...and I rarely make any stupid errors, so I am like WTF is happening today?

I'm convinced it's because I didn't make my bed this morning. My mom always had us make our beds, as her mom passed down that it was bad luck if you didn't. I haven't not made my bed in years probably. The ONE day I don't - I completely screw everything up.

In one day, I'm sure there are people that think I'm incompetent. I pride myself on being professional. I have looked like an idiot all friggin' day.

Never again will I leave the house with an unmade bed.

I keep having this fantasy where I wear the black jacket and too much make-up and push products on people so they have spent enough to get the free gift with purchase. Now that I have what I thought was my dream job, I realize I was wrong. Forget this career stuff. I want to be a make-up counter girl.
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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Happy 3-0!

Happy 30th Birthday, Bert!

You are an amazing human being, husband and everything else. I am so proud of all you have accomplished.

May your thirties exceed your wildest dreams.

You should be proud of your life to this point. I know I am.

All my love.
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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Biznass Cards

I've been completely exhausted this week. Yes, I know it's only Tuesday. I had an insane amount of emails waiting on me when I returned to the office yesterday. I have a giant group presentation due tomorrow. My class meets from 6:50-9:50.

It is Bert's 30th birthday tomorrow. I am so depressed I can't be at home much at all tomorrow...

Anyway, when I thought things couldn't get any suckier, I was presented with a nice little box.

Jewelry, you ask?

No way - better. Kickass business cards that make me look extremely professional and important. For a brief and shining moment, everything was worth it.

That moment has since passed, but for a moment - glorious.
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Sunday, March 19, 2006

When Worlds Collide

So I've got a picture of me and Lindsay from our fabulous dinner Wednesday, but it's on a disposable camera, and who knows when all the pictures will be taken...

Yes, Blogland, I know it's time for me to upgrade to a digital camera. After my beloved "regular" camera died unexpectedly this past week, I know my next purchase will lend itself to many more blog pictures.

Anyway, it was really amazing to meet a fellow blogger in person. Lindsay and I have a mutual best friend, Amber, so it wasn't a total stretch for us to meet. Still, I felt a little bit like I was going on a blind date. Would she like me? Would she ask Amber why in the world she was best friends with someone like me? What would she think?

Well, as Bert and I pulled up to Lauriol Plaza, I saw a petite blond through the glass doors. I knew it had to be Lindsay. I walked in and saw her standing by Amber, and greeted both of them with hugs.

We were insta-friends.

Lindsay is an incredible writer, but she's even more amazing in person. She's funny, cute and an amazing dresser.

Yes, we kept getting freaked out that we felt like we knew each other, but had never seen each other in person. Still, I think we both left knowing we had sincerely made a new friend.

So in our case, Blogland meeting Reality turned out to be a good thing. Lindsay, I look forward to seeing you again. You're definitely on my "friends to see" list when I come back to DC.
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Thursday, March 09, 2006


Well, everyone...I am positively drowning in schoolwork and work work. The light at the end of the tunnel is that Bert and I are going to DC next week!

I am thrilled to meet fellow blogger Lindsay, as I feel I already know her since we have a mutual best friend! I am excited to go back and visit my old DC office on Capitol Hill and show Bert all around the fabulous city I used to call home.

I am going tomorrow to get a haircut and tan, and I already got my nails done and my eyebrows waxed. Does anyone else feel lots of pressure when they see people they haven't seen in forever to look good? Unfortunately, I would love to weigh 8 pounds less, but I just don't have the time to do that!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and hopefully some of you will have off next week for Spring Break!
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Monday, March 06, 2006

Oscars, Whateva

I think it is a travesty that Joaquin Phoenix didn't win Best Actor! And the fact that "Walk the Line" wasn't even nominated ticked me off.

I mean, please raise your hand if you have even seen "Capote."

Oh well, I always love watching the Oscars and am even doing the Annual Awards Banquet here in an Oscar theme.

If I can't be a real celeb, then at least I can pretend for a night!!
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Thursday, March 02, 2006

She's Alive!

What a week!!

Well, I have enjoyed my new job this week, even thought I am completely and utterly exhausted. My head is spinning, and I have a lot of projects coming up. I'm just barely hanging in there.

I didn't have a great day, but wanted to pause and let everyone to know I was thinking of all of you out there in Blogland. I don't really know if I want to continue blogging or not at this point...

But I will certainly keep you posted.
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