Monday, April 20, 2009

Prom '09

I remember Prom in high school very well. Both Junior and Senior year, I had a wonderful time. I had fun dates and a fabulous group of friends. I will always consider myself very lucky that I had such a great high school experience.

But I suppose the one thing high school lacked for me was a boyfriend. Oh, I wanted one so badly! Sure I had Prom dates, but they were my guy friends. Fine, one was PERHAPS a crush, but it was unrequited love at best. :)

But a ha! Fast forward 11 years. (Is it really 11 years since my Senior Prom...and 12 years since my Junior Prom?!) Bert and I chaperoned Prom where he teaches. Instead of hours and hours spent getting ready and finding the perfect dress, I ran in the door around 5pm from work and spent all of 45 minutes getting ready. I threw on a black cocktail dress, freshened up my make-up, re-straightened my hair and spritzed on some perfume. Done.

And the funny thing was I felt so much more beautiful and confident than I ever had at Prom before. There were no parents to take photos in the living room, no nervous jitters, no hours to get ready. Just self-confidence, fabulous Indian jewelery and the man I love on my arm.

Just like all Proms previous, I went out to eat with another couple before the big event, and out with friends again afterwards. The Prom itself was actually fairly boring, but as I looked out at all the other girls, I wished for them that 10 years from now, that night wouldn't be the be-all/end-all for them. Sure it's a huge event when you're in high school, but hopefully it's just a happy memory tucked away when you're an adult.

And so, Friday was all in all a wonderful night. I took a real "boyfriend" to Prom - and even spent the night with him too! ;)
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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Wow, I have been MIA. Well, I'm here now, so forgive me. :)

The new job is my life right now. I really, really like it, so that's a huge plus. I'm the spokesperson for the school district and my first op-ed comes out tomorrow. That's a bit nerve-racking because it's a free-for-all on the online version. Folks get wild with their comments; I have a feeling I'll have to grow some thick skin really fast. And...well, I'm about as sensitive as they come, so this could be interesting...

What else? Well, we went to Greenville, SC this past weekend and visited my aunt, uncle and their kids. My grandmother is staying there, so we wanted to make sure and see her. My heart just goes out to her. I love you, Ammi. This is tough for all of us, but I know you feel especially the loss. Just know you are so loved and we are all in this together.

Other than that, it's been raining cats and dogs here. Good thing we got the yard cleaned up this weekend. FINE - Bert cleaned the yard and cut the grass, but I did a fabulous job cleaning the house top to bottom. Nothing feels better than a clean house to me. I can relax. One day it is my fantasy to have a maid that comes once a week. Call me a primadonna if you will, but you know what I mean...especially those of you with kids I am sure!

Well, those are my thoughts for the moment. Oh - and that I am on Reese's Egg probation. Gosh I love those things.
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Thursday, April 02, 2009


Anybody out there?

Started my new job this week...I am the Director of Public Relations for the public school system here. It's exciting and fast-paced. So far, so good!

What else...we celebrated Bert's birthday in Atlanta this past weekend, where we saw the King Tut exhibit and ate some fabulous food. Whole Foods is definitely our favorite lunch place, hands down. Sunday he ran his first ever half-marathon, and came in around 1:50. Can't remember the seconds off the top of my head. I was SO PROUD. I really burst into tears when he finished. What a lifestyle change!

Monday, we went to a surprise birthday party for one of Bert's co-workers. It was at this absolutely fabulous restaurant. It's in this little town about 10 minutes from our house...the chef actually comes out and talks to you. Gorgeous food, reasonable, fabulous. Just an overall fun way to start the week.

All in all, things have been great. My car is fixed, but we're still waiting on the house to be fixed. The azaleas in our yards are in full bloom. I absolutely love driving home to see the dazzling array of pink, red and white. Looks like something out of a fairy tale.

I am tired with all the long hours, and I know Bert is exhausted as well with work and night class. We are going at high speed all the time. Hopefully things will slow down over the summer!

But for now, we're hanging in there...trying to enjoy the crazy ride!
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