Tuesday, February 28, 2012

As Of Late...

I'm weird about blogging now. I still check blogs, but with Van, I just feel like it's an invasion of his privacy to put too much out there. And people scare me. So I just hover.

But then, MSKS posted this meme. I love memes. And I love her blog. So here you go...

My current state of affairs

Current guilty pleasure: "The Bachelor" (Team Lindzi!), Facebook and Twitter. I really need social media detox. Bert would wholeheartedly agree.

Current nail polish: Clear gloss on my fingers, OPI Lincoln Park After Dark on my toes. I had the most wonderful mani/pedi at the Westin Spa last weekend in Hilton Head. If you go, you must see Dee Dee!

Current play list: Not a whole lot of excitement here...I mainly play music I think Van would like. On repeat: Guster, Barenaked Ladies, Rod Stewart ("Forever Young" - that's our song). Confession: I do not like Adele, Bon Iver or any of those other "cool" singers right now. Bor-ing!

Current read: No time for books with Van, and when there's time, see "Current guilty pleasure" above. I snuck in an "Us Weekly" last night and it was fabulously trashy. The last books I read were "The Hunger Games" trilogy and they were amazing. I'm open to suggestions! I don't like beachy or too dark -- somewhere in between would be great.

Current drink: My big ol' purple container full of water. I indulge in a Diet Dr. Pepper too often.

Current food: I just ate a Kashi meal and it was delicious - Black Bean Enchilada in case you're wondering. The last meal I cooked was Sunday: homemade spinach quiche (crustless) with skillet potatoes and it was delicious. Bert made me an amazing sandwich Saturday, which is the best thing I've eaten in a long time...super thin grilled chicken with wilted spinach, sundried tomatoes and feta on ciabatta - with homemade rosemary potato fries.

Current favorite show: Obsessed with "Once Upon A Time"! Love that show. I'm also still watching "Grey's Anatomy" and I can't stand Teddy or Cristina.

Current wish list: To lose the last 13 pregnancy pounds. On the upside, I have lost 13 already and am feeling much better. Thanks, Weight Watchers!

Current needs: To continue to grow in being more grateful for my many blessings. I need to stop sweating the little things (like the cat litter on the dining room floor this morning that sent me into a tear and made me snap at someone that called me A-niss-a).

Current triumphs: Losing 13 pounds and buying a pair of pants in a "good" size this weekend.

Current indulgence: Diet Dr. Pepper, coffee (I'm a newbie!) and Skinny Cow ice cream cones. And the fun size Butterfinger I just ate.

Current blessing: I read recently...What if you woke up one day with only the things you thanked God for the day before? That really struck a chord with me. I thank Him now daily with a very specific list, including: Van and his health, our health, my marriage, my job, our home, friends, family, etc. etc. I try to take stock and give God all the glory and praise.

Current excitement: I wish I could say that Courtney had been dumped by Ben. But, alas, I cannot. I suppose my current excitement is girls night Friday with two fantastic ladies. And, hey, I'm excited that tonight it's still Februany and we're gonna get $5 footlongs, so I don't even have to wonder what I'm going to have for lunch tomorrow. Score!

I missed you peeps.


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