Wednesday, July 19, 2006


When I was a little girl, we had a gentle pit bull I adored. A few years later, a dog chased me, and my dad saved me from being bitten. From that moment on, I had been afraid of animals.

A few weeks ago, I visited an old friend who had a giant indoor dog. I was terrified. After a few days, I found myself petting the dog and letting it curl up next to me.

Since then, I decided I wanted a pet. Recently, I went to see kittens for adoption. I held the first kitten of my life, and it was so adorable. When my husband would hold it, it would hold out its arms for me. It would extend its claws and hold on to my shirt for dear life.

That kitten stayed in my mind, but I didn’t think it was possible that the first kitten I had ever held would be the one for me. I didn’t want to act hastily.

The next day, I couldn’t stop thinking about the kitten. I called the store, and a girl had it on hold. I figured she took it home with her. The following Monday, the gray kitty was still on my mind. I hurried to the shop on my lunch break, and it was still there.

I hurried and told a salesperson I wanted it. They told me all about it receiving its vaccines, and I had my checkbook out. My heart was pounding with sheer elation; I knew this kitten was meant for me. I truly loved it.

Then, the worst possible thing happened. Another sales associate came up and said that another woman had laid claim to the kitten.

I watched my kitten get adopted by someone else.

I sobbed and asked the lady if she would consider letting me adopt the kitten instead. She said that she had big plans for the kitten, and would be placing it in cat shows.

I asked if I could hold the kitten, and she obliged. I sobbed. The kitten held on to my shirt for an extra moment before I handed it back, and I left the store, crying.

Through my tears, I realized how grateful I was for that kitten. Less than a month ago, I didn’t want a pet. Today, I am a woman who has sobbed over a kitten in public. I felt a love for animals that I have not felt in twenty years. And I have that special creature that slipped through my fingers to thank for it.

Or so I thought.

My husband had called the place the kitten was adopted from, and asked them to pass along our phone number to its new owner. When I found out about this, I told him it was sweet, but that we needed to move on.

However, when the lady called and left us a message the next day about returning the kitten, my heart stopped. I suppose she had figured out tabby cats weren't exactly show cats and decided to return it to the store. She claimed it was because it didn't get along with her other cats, but when we saw the kitten the first time, it was cuddled up with another kitten.

Bert and I hurried to the pet store, and saw our kitten asleep. Tears came to my eyes as I held it again. We loaded up more than a cart full of kitten supplies, and headed back home.

Some people have referred to our kitten as a "miracle cat." They are exactly right. Named after Yankee great Don Mattingly, our little "Matty" has been such a source of joy in the short time that he's been our own.

I have a renewed sense of faith that the universe does indeed right itself. There's simply no other explanation that my sweet Matty finally came home.
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