Thursday, April 26, 2007

Let's Be Honest...I'm A Little Bit Psycho

Friday night, Bert and I went to dinner and out downtown with another very fun couple. After eating dinner at a très chic tapas place, we headed a few blocks down to continue hanging out. We decided to play this game called "Cornhole" that is pretty popular here. Basically, you throw beanbags and try to get it to go in this hole (see picture above-no, that is not us). I was standing on one end with my friend, and Bert was on the other side with her husband.

So, we're all having a grand old time, and I am just chatting with my friend while we halfway play this game. We had a great evening, or so I thought.

When Bert and I were on our way home, he said, "Can you believe that girl?"
I said, "What are you talking about?"

He then proceeded to tell me about this girl slut that had approached him and asked if HE WAS ATTACHED!!!

"I thought you saw this all happen...I told her I was married to you and pointed at you and everything," Bert said.
"OK...let me just put this out there," I began. "Let's be honest. I'm a little bit psycho, and you KNOW you would have known had I seen that! Do you really think I would not have approached her?!"

I mean, SERIOUSLY, Bert had on his ring and everything. What is wrong with so many women today, and why are they so overly aggressive?

So, then, of course, I spewed a bunch of profanity that I would have said to this person, and we agreed it was for the best that I didn't see it after all. Because let's be honest--what women out there isn't just a teensy bit psycho?


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